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Taizhou Huangyan Tai Xiang Plastic Machinery Factory fusion of domestic and international advanced technology and ideas, the company through the EU CE certification, professional design, production and sales of three categories, more than 20 kinds of specifications and types of full automatic bottle blowing, semi automatic blow molding machine.


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Pet Preform Mould

1.Bottle cap design:

The cap mold is designed with 3D computer drawing these software can be used not only for bottle  cap design but also for other more complex plastic  products.  Experienced designers  and advanced design tools enable mg to translate your bottle  cap design philosophy into reality and meet your requirements for  finished products.

2.Hot runner system:

Hot runner system with superior thermal conductivity is used in the injection mold of bottle cap. The heat conduction is fast, the temperature can be rapidly raised in the manufacturing process of the bottle cap, and the ideal heating effect is achieved. A miniature nozzle is arranged in each cavity of the hot runner bottle cap injection mold, so that larger injection flow, smaller bottle cap connection point and good heat conductivity are ensured.

3.Steel and processing tools:

Bottle cap injection mold made of good steel. In order to meet the different processing requirements, will also choose different mold steel core, mold cavity, guide pillar, frame, etc. High hardness and good processability are the advantages of the above steel. Cnc machining center, high-precision coordinate boring machine, high-pressure EDM machine to ensure accurate processing and high-quality finished products. The main feature of these devices is the accuracy and speed of processing.

4.Quaolity control:

Before we design the cap, we pay great attention to the shape of the cap and the thread of the cap. In the manufacturing process, we use the most appropriate processing technology and tools. After assembly, we have tried many times, if necessary, we will make corresponding adjustments to meet customer requirements.